Artist Galleries

Broken Skies

The Artist Galleries here at Dotson Images are collections by the artist Robert Dotson of the wild ecosystems that shape and define our planet, brought to you in vivid visuals, filled with emotional truths. Robert’s photography avoids the tradition of outdoor photography as polished imagery on a pristine, sanitized oversaturated canvas, instead his creative eye hunts the exposed raw ebb and flow of nature. It reveals the struggle of the newborn bison learning to run within hours of birth, next to the exhaustion of the old bull trying not to fall behind the herd. The hope of dawn next to the resignation of fading daylight. It is these authentic juxtapositions in nature that ultimately speak to our own souls, about our own struggles and our own triumphs.

Within Robert’s raw and exposed view of our natural world, he takes painstaking pride in tracking down and relentlessly working to photograph wildlife that is 100% wild. Authenticity to his work and collectors of his art mandates this approach along with flawless, clean, and laser-sharp compositions and pure tonal pallets. Our objective is to invite you, the viewer, to step into the creative story behind each photograph and see epic wilderness.

Lastly, our Artist Galleries are dynamic and the entire ecosystem collections are overhauled multiple times throughout the year. Some collections are changed to present seasonal art (e.g. Mountains in Winter) and others change based on unique collections (e.g. Deserts of Africa). We strive to give you a visual journey at Dotson Images that is fresh, raw and surprising throughout the year. Spice of life stuff. To stay up to date on our gallery rotations, as well as new Fine Art for sale and book releases, we urge you to sign up for email notifications. This will ensure that every time you visit Dotson Images you are in for a visual reward.

NOTE: The images contained in our six Artist Galleries are not for sale. However, some of the photographs will be used for pending book releases for sale beginning in the winter of 2022. Images available for purchase, such as Limited Edition and Artist Proof prints, can be found in the Fine Art Collection.