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“Thou hast taught me, Silent River! Many a lesson, deep and long; Thou hast been a generous giver; I can give thee but a song.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Robert Dotson admires the Māori of New Zealand, and the teaching that rivers are tīpuna (ancestors) that have been with us throughout history, as the history of his own ancestors have branched and rooted with the fishing rivers of Northern America. While Robert travels and wades in the rivers of the world, he and Kelli have found their own roots in the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, a touchstone river for Robert, and an artistic muse of Dotson Images.

In the Rivers Gallery, this essence of a vibrant historical underworld with its own epics of life and death struggles, this “flowing blood” of the earth, is laid open. Robert’s signature method is on display as he photographs underwater images, accented by the brilliant landscape above, viewed from aquatic corridors.