Conservation at Dotson Images is a vital part of who we are and, more importantly, of what we do. Robert Dotson has both led and served on non-profit conservation boards, as well as personally contributing for the advancement of clean water, public access, youth education, and the preservation of wild places. Robert has brought his commitment to conservationism to Dotson Images by inextricably linking it to our mission of providing world class, outdoor art. Each year we donate thousands of dollars in outdoor art pieces to support fund raising for non-profit conservation organizations.

Requests for art pieces for your conservation organization fund raisers can be made by contacting Dotson Images. Include a writeup of the organization, event, and most recent fund-raising results to be considered for the coming calendar year.

In contrast to some artist and environmental organizations, we choose to focus on celebrating the successful conservation work which has taken place, and that is continuing to take place daily. Extraordinary work has been done over the last century to bring wildlife and landscapes back from the brink of a bleak existence, like how the once dwindling herds of bison and white-tail deer are now healthy and thriving in North America. Likewise, conservation programs protecting and propagating declining bird populations from bald eagles to whooping cranes have made remarkable comebacks.

In short, we believe that today people are making a real difference in how we as humans interact with our natural world, and that such conservation efforts should be positively supported and refined.

We also enthusiastically support ethical and conservation-based hunting and fishing. Both as a way of life in the American west, and throughout the world. Passionate outdoorsman and woman pour millions of dollars each year into the preservation of the wild and natural world of our planet. These projects enable future generations to stroll through tall grasses and hike forlorn peaks, to experience nature in its most raw and wild form.

We at Dotson Images are happy to report that we support the following organizations through your collection of Dotson Images Fine Art Sales. To learn more about the organizations and their conservation and humanitarian missions, or to donate, click on the non-profit 501c logos below.

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