Fine Art Collections

The Fine Art Collection of Dotson Images presents sought-after, collectible, one-of-a-kind art pieces in the respective categories of Wild LifeFly Life and Earthscape photography. Robert’s framed prints are purposely designed and offered only as collectable and large-scale focal art pieces.

Each image is meticulously chosen from tens-of-thousands of Robert’s outdoor images, ensuring that the finished art meets the highest standard of creative excellence and technical quality. This is the gold standard we use in selecting images for the collection: each image cannot be available as a similar image anywhere else in the fine art marketplace, and the image must be extraordinarily difficult, even impossible, to replicate, even by Robert himself. The Fine Art Collection is composed of only truly unique outdoor art, representing defining moments in time, unlikely to be ever captured again.

Our work, however, doesn’t end with an impeccable world class image. At Dotson Images we are committed to delivering an investment quality finished piece of art to grace your walls. Whether the art hangs above a hewn stone fireplace in a remote Alaskan fishing lodge, the walls of a New Zealand beach house, or highlights a Seattle tech firm’s corporate lobby, our finished art pieces will match our image quality in every detail. View printing and framing details.

To anchor our commitment in its true collectability, we offer our Limited Edition/Artist Proof pieces in ultra-restricted quantities. Our fine art prints come in a Limited Edition Collection of only 20 finished prints in two large format sizes (40 total prints) and in the Artist Proof Collection of only 5 finished prints in two large format offerings (10 total prints). This safeguards both the value of the collector’s initial purchase by severely limiting the total work made available in the marketplace, and additionally creates the likelihood of a vibrant secondary market should collectors decide to sell their art in the future. 

Love it Commitment

Dotson Images provides a 60 day guarantee that you’ll love your art or you get an easy refund or exchange. More.