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Photo specs

Place: Henry’s Fork River, Idaho, USA
Category: Fly Life
Edition: 20 L/E, 5 A/P lifetime pieces in each of two sizes (40/10)
Photo ID: ID_6683-Emergence


During the famed western salmonfly hatch on the lower Henry’s Fork, this Pteronarcys californica aquatic insect splits open its nymphal encasement on the roots of a willow trees, rocks or even cattails, to emerge on the river as a fully winged adult, unaware of the predatory rainbow trout waiting for its own emergence.

Medium & Framing

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper with protective finish. Framed on polar white, Belgian linen matt with deep chocolate, hardwood, Italian leather frame. To learn more about artist proofs and limited editions, go to Printing and Framing.

Note: ‘Print Only’ available upon request (-$500 from above framed pricing). Please call to confirm availability.

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