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Photo specs

Place: Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
Category: Wild Life
Edition: 10 L/E, 2 A/P lifetime pieces in each of two sizes (20/4)
Photo ID: YNP-3638-MammaGrizzII

Mama Grizz – In Mono

On the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake, a napping mother grizzly and her cub look skyward as a raven performs a low passing flyby, the pair watch for a moment before settling down again on the shore’s sun-bathed rocks. Snow, the one-year-old cub named for her ultra-blonde coat, and her mother Raspberry are a well-known and beloved grizzly mother-and-daughter pair in Yellowstone Park. For three years this mother and cub stayed together, nursing, playing, sleeping, and hunting, until Snow finally set out on her own. Snow brought down an elk calf in her first week away from Raspberry, a testament to her mother’s skills.

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