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Photo specs

Place: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA
Category: Wild Life
Edition: 10 L/E, 2 A/P lifetime pieces in each of two sizes (20/4)
Photo ID: JTNP-1311-GrandKings

The Grand’s Kings

Arguably the single most iconic backdrop in the American west, the Grand Teton is the guardian of the national park that bears its name. As a result, for eight years I had made repeated pilgrimages every fall with a singular objective. Photograph one of the national park’s massive bull moose, in flowing water, against the backdrop of the Grand Teton. In the fall of 2023 planets aligned as I waded into this creek to capture four of the noble giants going to water in the perfect setting. Four Shiras bull moose in the perfect location with elegant evening light. Once in my lifetime.

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