All of Dotson Images Fine Art prints are custom, made-to-order runs produced at MasterLab Fine Art Printing in Salt Lake City, Utah. This ensures that each collectable piece is crafted using the finest artisans with decades of experience.

Common art prints are just reproductions of original pieces on standard matte and glossy papers with ink dyes, but each Dotson Image piece is crafted using a giclee printing process. True giclee Fine Art prints are crafted using the highest quality of pigment-based inks and museum grade papers, allowing the art to last for generations (if property displayed and maintained). Each Fine Art giclee print is produced using either Ultrachrome Pro 10 colour, pigment-based inks, or 5 tonal black inks on an Epson Surecolor P20000 inkjet printer for black and white prints, providing the sharpest detail and resolution possible, and highlighting the full-color spectrum to capture every shade found in the original raw image.

The German company Hahnemühle Fine Art GMBH is the medium selected by Robert for Dotson Images prints in fine art, cotton rag, archival gallery papers, and fine art canvas. Each Fine Art print of Dotson Images is produced using archival substrates. Hahnemühle has been producing papers since 1584, and are committed to archival quality fine art that resists aging for over 100 years. The final post-processing step is a Hahnemühle varnish coat for protection and added luminance. In short, we trust the quality of Hahnemühle to deliver deep, rich black and creamy white highlight tones in our monochromatic images, and an equally vivid colour range produced throughout our colour prints.


Similar to our printing process, every Limited Edition frame and mounting is also custom made to each Fine Art giclee print, thus ensuring skilled oversight and execution of the framing process. Limited Edition and Artist Proof framed prints are crafted to a total of 10 L/E prints and 4 A/P prints, finished in two different sizes—Gallery and Gallery Plus. The Gallery print is only produced in an approximately 28” x (~45” fall*) dimension, and the Gallery Plus print dimension is only approximately 38” x (~60” fall*).

Our frames are constructed from 2.0”-3.0” hardwood exterior frames, finished and wrapped in deep chocolate authentic Italian leather and fitted with 3.0”-4.0” white Belgian wrapped linen liners. Bringing the total size of our finished framed art Gallery (large) dimensions to approximately 34” x ~44”, and our finished framed Gallery Plus (extra large) dimensions to approximately 45” x ~67”. 

(Note: Exact dimensions are specific to each print and appropriate aspect ratios of the image as determined by the artist. Specific print dimensions are noted in our Fine Art Sales sections for each specific piece.) 

*Fall represents how the width of the ‘image falls’ relative to the fixed height. 


The final touch in the completion of a finished Fine Art piece is to have the art personally signed and the edition number added by Robert in the print’s bottom border. Each piece of art is then accompanied by a Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity to protect the security and genuineness of your Limited Edition art work and to reduce the risk of forgery. This is accomplished by using matching serialized numbers and fluorescent security fibres placed on the certificate, and the matching hologram decal affixed to the back of the art piece itself.

Artist Proofs

Artist Proof (A/P) editions differ from our standard Limited Edition (L/E) collection in two ways. First, the Artist Proof editions are the first fully corrected prints to be produced between Robert and the print master. This means that every A/P print is personally managed by Robert Dotson himself while it is custom printed, and later, the framed finish work is also personally inspected by him in every detail prior to shipping. These pieces become the gold standard reference pieces used for the production of the Limited Edition collection. Second, the collector quantities noted as A/P are ultra-restricted. Only four (4) total prints with two in the Gallery and two in the Gallery Plus sizes will ever be produced, increasing the likelihood of collector value over time.

Delivery Timing

Given our made-to-order printing and framing process, delivery times are approximately 5-8 weeks. If delivery timing is critical to your project, please contact us via email to confirm the current projected delivery timing. Likewise, in the unfortunate instance that a delay were to occur, we will immediately communicate the anticipated delay via email.

All shipments are delivered through UPS or Associated Global Systems. Shipments will most often arrive in a large wooden crate. Shipping companies will not deliver your shipment without an appointment. Delivery times noted on your tracking slip are an estimate with the actual delivery needing to be confirmed with a fixed appointment time between you and the shipping company. Shipping crates are big and heavy. Ensure you have sufficient help to unload and handle the crate upon delivery.

Please contact us at Dotson Images via email for projected shipping charges. International orders might also require additional duties and taxes at the time of delivery.

100% Love It Guarantee

Dotson Images provides a 60-day guarantee beginning the day you receive your Fine Art piece. We guarantee that you will love your art selection or we will gladly provide a refund or exchange. Why such a bold commitment? It is simply not enough for us to have art collectors ‘like’, or even ‘appreciate’, Dotson Images art. Our outdoor art is meant to dazzle the collector from the day it is uncrated and throughout a validation period as you live with the art on your wall.

Our 60-day guarantee allows a no hassle refund, or exchange, of your original purchase price when confirmed with your original receipt—shipping and handling fees are excluded. Our support team will assist, if necessary, with return shipping. The owner/collector is responsible for all return shipping and handling fees.